Nella’s story

Link: Nella’s story

 I went to my classes today [like the good student that I am…sometimes] & I was on my game during the first one.  It’s a smaller class & I don’t really have the luxury of messing around during that class because I will surely be noticed.  My second class, however, is a lecture of about 640 people.  So I am not exactly constrained to be on my best behavior.  Through Facebook creeping, I found a blog that belonged to one of my big sister’s friends.  Then through his blog, I jumped around from some of his friend’s blogs until I landed on one that was so interesting and beautiful.  I sat in my lecture call and read this captivating story of a woman who was surprised when her second daughter was born with Down Syndrome.  She tells the beautifully detailed story of going into labor, giving birth, and then coming to terms with the blessing she has been give.  I sat among 640 other students crying for this woman.  I was so touched by her story, and her strong heart.  & as I read it, & cried for this woman & her family, I couldn’t help but wonder…

If I ever had a child with special needs, would I see it as the end of the world?  Or would I see it for what it is, God trusting me with a huge blessing, Him choosing me over others to care for His child?  

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in class…but Supply Chain Management just seemed a lot less important today…


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