Today has been a very difficult day.  As it winds down, I am in an awkward position.  & I will be in that position for another week.  Dragging this out.  

But seeing this picture really gave me peace, even if it was only for a second.  Too often, I let myself get caught up in my disappointment from people not knowing how to love me the way I need them to, that I forget where the ultimate source of love comes from.  & how God loves me 8653829857539 times more than I could even imagine or desire.  

Even as I write this, God has blessed me by playing You’re Not Alone by Meredith Andrews and You Are Loved by Rebecca St. James on my Pandora channel. 

I stumbled today, & I fell fast, but God had his arms stretched out to catch me.  & He’s not letting go.  He is going to carry me through this whole week, & even after that.  He will carry me until I realize that I can walk on my own because of the strength I have in Him.  & even after that, He will be right next to me, spotting me along the way.  


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