God will never stumble over His words when you need affirmation.
God will never let you forget how beautiful He thinks you are.  
There will never be a more handsome man than the Lord.
God will never let a tear fall from your face, he will wipe it off as soon as it leaves your eye.  
You will always get butterflies in your stomach when you think about the Gospel. 
All you have to do is call His name, & He is there to be a shoulder to cry on. 
Or arms to cuddle in. 
God will never forget to do something He said He would do.  
He will never hesitate to say “I love you.” 
God will always do what is best for you, even when you don’t know it.  
The Lord will always be your best friend. 
God was a man that said He would die for you, & then He did. 

The Gospel is the most beautiful love story there is.  The best part about it is, it’s not just a novel, where you try to live through the characters & feel the love that they are in.  It’s real.  It’s you.  He’s fallen completely in love with you. 


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