Tisk. Quelf.

Yesterday was a very difficult day.  It was a day of too much thought, clutter, & tasks.  & not enough time, or joy.  It all finally crashed down on me when I was sitting at Hope-A-Palooza.  There I was, listening to people’s personal stories of hope, listening to songs of God’s love and the hope there is in that, & then listening to a powerful message being preached by a completely gifted man, & I just wanted to leave, crawl into a hole, & cry.  Once I realized that giving into my temptation of assuming fetal position in the aisle of the lecture hall was not a valid option, I found that the only option I did have was to pray.  But to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to pray.  I guess I didn’t really trust that it would be heard or that it would be answered…I don’t know what my problem was.  I could only think of a short prayer.  ”God, I haven’t laughed all day.  Please just give me something to have a good laugh about.” Boy did He deliver!  I met up with some friends for a game night.  After catching up for a while we settled on playing the game Quelf.  My character was Queen Spatula (on the left in the picture above.)  Of course, I fittingly renamed her Sand Princess.  As we played the game without a board & made up the rules as we went, God gave me plenty of opportunities to laugh.  & then laugh more.  & then that laughter turned into joy.  & that joy was from a true appreciation for the people that have been placed in my life.  I finally understood the theme of the whole Hope outreach this week. Maybe I didn’t see it at first because I’m not placing my hope in “bad things” like drinking, drugs, sexual relationships, etc.  So I didn’t think that I truly had anything to learn this week.b But that doesn’t mean my Hope is in the right place.  If I go through my day with my hope in my classes, my family, my friendships, or my relationship, I’m going to be having a lot more of those moments where I want to curl into the fetal position.  Tonight, however, I chose to place my hope in the Lord, even though it was by being obedient and saying the most simple prayer I think I’ve ever prayed, in that God reminded me that my prayers are heard – they will be answered. & He is the right place to put my hope.


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