Rubbish rumble


My substaff is hosting a program called Rubbish Rumble tonight.  It is an event where the residents can form teams ahead of time & make a creation out of recyclable materials for a long term competition.  Or when they come to the event they can create something for a short term competition.  There are different categories that the entries will be judged on, like resourcefulness, usefulness, creativity, etc.  A creative woman on my staff team, Elizabeth, had made the rocket above earlier this week to advertise for our program.  However, last night at our staff meeting we realized we each had to have an entry.  Another mentor & I decided we would team up for an entry.  After brainstorming for a while, and breaking into multiple dorm recycling facility rooms, we came up with a few things.  I had already made a small flower vase out of a water bottle and Reese’s wrappers earlier that day.  But I came across a large olives jar that I just felt I could do something with.  & my new teammate, Jack, was visioning some sort of chandelier made out of water bottles.  After finding some newspaper, I made my jar into another, much larger vase.  Jack, however, is still working on his chandelier.  I really feel like it’s going to be very cool.  Hopefully I will get some cool pictures of it at the program tomorrow night!

I must say, though, I have been very inspired by this program.  I feel like it has inspired me to look at my “rubbish” differently, and see new purposes in them.  My next project: making some water jugs into a stackable bookshelf!


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