Spring Retreat 2011

Spring Retreat 2011. [Never the Same]

It was a good time.  Friday afternoon we piled into our cars & headed to Camp Faholo in Grass Lake, MI.  After we got settled in in our cabins & did a little adventuring, we went to our first session where we got to hear a really cool message about Never Being the Same because we have met Christ.  The speaker, Bryan, spoke about Luke 7:36-50 & broke it down into 3 keys to being “forgiven much”: 1. Meet the REAL Jesus. 2. His Holiness makes us realize our debt. 3. His love makes us run to Him.  I think the talk really made me think about if I look at the real Jesus in all of His Holiness daily, or if I make a version of Him that fits better into my life.

Saturday morning we had Women’s Time: Hot Messes Unite.  I LOVED THIS TIME!  Bryan’s wife, Lauren spoke about our identity in a way I had never heard before.  I am so used to being told that I am “a beautiful woman of the Lord.”  & after a while, I have really started to cling to one word in that phrase.  Beautiful.  God makes me beautiful.  & I take joy in that.  & there isn’t anything wrong in taking joy in your God-given beauty, however, something Lauren said really spoke to me when she stated “If you cling to the wrong identities, you will miss God’s big moment for you.” I am not just beautiful in the Lord, but I am strong, bold, powerful, intelligent, comical, creative, musical.  There is so much that God has made me.  But more importantly, I AM HIS DAUGHTER.  & that needs to come first.  That needs to drive me more than any other part of my identity.  I need to live life like Esther.  “If I perish, I perish.”  If someone doesn’t like me, they don’t like me.  If I am uncomfortable, I am uncomfortable.  If I don’t get that lake house, I don’t get a lake house. “Define yourself radically as one beloved by God.” AHH!  YES!

In the afternoon we went to really awesome seminars.  I went to the ones on Natural Evangelism & Delighting in the Lord.  & then at the night session, Bryan spoke again about Dreaming Big.  I will be honest, I am still processing what he spoke to us from Ephesians 1:15-20.  He left us with two very convicting questions: Do I give God the chance to do the extraordinary in me?  & Do I dream God-sized dreams?

I am still thinking about & processing things from retreat.  & to be honest, today I got a little distracted.  I put school & insecurities first, & The Word & prayer on the back burner.  I guess if you’re reading this & you have any desire to pray for me, please pray that the Lord will continue to show me His sovereign, faithful, and sufficient character. Pray that I know that He is enough. & I am enough in Him.  & pray that I will be willing to step out of my comfort zone & make an effort to really connect with people this week even though I have a lot of schoolwork to do.

& If you need prayers, reply to this post, email me [dsmith1287@gmail.com], message me, call me.  I would love to join alongside you in your journey.


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