I Quit You, Facebook. [kinda]

I have taken a huge step this week.  I have gathered the strength to admit to myself that I have a problem, & am now working to conquer it.  Facebook is freaking addictive!!! I thought I was just networking & socializing with my friends, & then the next thing I knew, I was spending less time studying than I was on Facebook.  & was my time on Facebook fruitful, resulting maintaining relationships, keeping my residents informed, & building a network that will help me further my career?  Not a chance. My time on Facebook was spent being a professional creep.  I would look at people’s profiles that I had no intention of reconnecting with, some people I didn’t even know, even people that I don’t necessarily like.  What were my motives in looking at these people’s pictures, seeing who they are friends with, & becoming consumed with what their lives are like right now?  Sometimes I really enjoyed seeing what people are doing with their lives now, but if we are going to be really honest, don’t we spend most time on profiles when we think they are train wrecks? So we can laugh about it a little & feel a little bit better about ourselves?  I know it’s going to make me sound like a bad person, but thank Heavens for grace, because that’s exactly what my motives were sometimes.  That’s not the kind of person I want to be.  That’s not the way I want to love. That’s not where I want my time invested.

For where you treasure is, there your heart will also be. [Matthew 6:21]

Time is precious, especially in our American culture.  & if that is where I am putting my treasure of time, that is what I’m going to be all about.  & that’s a pretty whack way to be.

So what am I doing?  I quit Facebook, kind of.  Did I go as far as to delete my profile? No.  I do think that Facebook can be an awesome tool for my job as a Mentor & a nice way to stay connected with people who I don’t see too often.  However, I have taken some practical steps to give Facebook a lot smaller of a role in my life:

  • I no longer keep my computer logged into Facebook all the time.  It is amazing how the extra step of logging in can really act as a moment to evaluate if I should actually log in, or go be productive in some other way.
  • I have stopped all email notification from Facebook.  It really doesn’t matter if I see that someone wrote on my wall at the very second that they did it.  I will see it eventually.  & if they really need something, then they should call or text me.
  • I have also disabled the Facebook notifications on my phone.  & it is actually refreshing not to wake up to 10 notifications that I feel obligated to respond to first thing in the morning.
  • I have decided not to go onto Facebook everyday.  I am starting off by letting myself go onto Facebook every 2 days.  I hope to eventually go on even less than that.
  • When I do go onto Facebook, I have to be either relaying information to my residents, or loving on someone by sending them encouragement, or a quick post to catch up.  [Not looking at pictures for hours & visiting profiles of people I don’t even know!]

At the end of the day, I don’t just want to be able to say that I don’t waste as much time during my day.  My end goal is to be able to proudly say that I have one less thing that distracts me from walking with the Lord, moment by moment.  Not only do I want to get more studying done, but I want to have more time in the Word, & have more time to work out & respect this body that God has given me.  My end goal is to better Honor the Lord with every second of everyday.

Hopefully posting this for everyone to see will give me an extra sense of accountability.  Let’s see how this goes.


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