So many signs of change are so beautiful.

Others…not so much.

I have felt so discombobulated all week.  I have been living out of duffle bags and Rubbermaid’s and haven’t been able to sit at my desk or even walk around my room since I got home.  It seems like a simple solution: “Well Dana, why don’t you just take some time to clean your room?”  Motivation.  I have had none of it.  I really don’t know why, but for some reason catching up on this season of 30 Rock & sleeping seemed a lot more important than organizing my room.  To be honest, having a disaster of a room really wouldn’t be too out of character for me before January, but once I got my own room at school I started to really appreciate having a room that is neat & ready to function in whatever way I need it to.  Looking around my room in frustration, I couldn’t help but realize that this disaster of a room could only be a result of my complete resistance to change.  I moved from East Lansing to Woodhaven.  I went from barely seeing my family to being with them all the time! [This is a change I like]  From having schoolwork to do all the time to working a job full time.  From being a building away from my friends to having to settle for a phone call to see what’s going on with them.  Real Talk, I think that I just got super overwhelmed with change.  It’s like I had some irrational thought that if I didn’t fully unpack, things wouldn’t fully change.

I the LORD do not change. So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed. [Malachi 2:9]

I can handle this.  This is going to be a good summer.  God knows what He is doing & for that reason, I never need to be overwhelmed.  It’s amazing what a little truth & realization that you need to man up & do something with yourself can do.


Much Better.


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