a bump in the road [& possibly on my head]

Bod4God is going really well so far!  Week one is about just taking a few small steps to improve your nutrition, exercise, and water drinking habits.

Last night was my FIRST ZUMBA CLASS!  It was a lot of fun.  But unfortunately, the breaking point for my knee.  My knee has felt a little sore for the past week, I just figured it was because it wasn’t used to a ton of activity. But man, this morning had to be some of the worst pain in a while.  My mom told me to stay home from work for a little bit in the morning & just rest.  I didn’t really feel that much better, but I really wanted to get into work at a decent time, so I decided to head down to the kitchen for some breakfast & coffee.  The next 10 seconds was a complete blur.  I stepped down on the first step, felt my knee give out & started rolling down the rest of the stairs.  I felt my head hit the wall once or twice, & then I was laying on the landing.  My faithful pup, Buffy, came running to see what happened & merely cocked his head to the side while looking at what must have really been a beautiful view of me laying on the landing sprawled out.  I got up & shook it off, but I am still in some major pain.

I don’t know what this is going to mean for my working out.  I might have to rest for a few days, hopefully not too long.  I guess all I can do is really concentrate on my nutrition while I am resting up.  Luckily our pool was opened yesterday, so maybe I can even swim some laps for a work out that is a little easier on my knee.

If you have a desire to support me in my Bod4God journey, a great way would be to be praying.  & specifically, if you could pray for this knee injury right now that would be great!


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