Detroit Summer Adventures FINAL Update!

Okay, I am fully aware that I am completely awful at blogging/keeping people updated.  Even though I have been out of Detroit for 3 whole weeks, my summer is still fresh on my heart.  I am constantly being reminded of lessons that God taught me about myself & about His character.  I feel like the best way to give you an update on how the rest of my summer went is to just type what I read in front of the church on Intern Sunday when we presented to the church what God did this summer through KSA.  Please remember that this was written & presented about a month ago, but everything still stands.  This is my heart.

My name is Dana Smith & I had the privilege of working with the 1st & 2nd graders in KSA.  9 weeks ago we were asked what we were hoping to get out of this summer.  “Complete transformation,” was my thought.  Be careful what you wish for because God wasted no time.  He immediately opened my eyes to my disbelief in His unconditional love for me & how that leads me to love the people around me in an extremely conditional way.  “I love you, & I desire to serve you, until you annoy me.  Then I walk away.”  My take on love was hardly one that resembled Christ.  God gently guided me & filled me with faith in who He truly is & the promises He has made to me.  I became very aware of all the ways I am disobedient & unloving to my Father.  & in those times, He does not walk away from me.  This made a huge impact on my desire to love my family, my friends, & more relevantly, the children in the KSA Program.

This summer, we had a child that was asked to leave the program for not listening & hitting other children.  4 months ago I would have said that the kid deserved his punishment.  But instead all I wanted was for that child to be back with us.  I loved him despite of his lack of respect for me.  & 3 weeks later I did not even think twice when I was asked if I thought he should be let back in the program.  I wanted him there so badly.  According to the world, we caved in.  We didn’t teach this child discipline, we didn’t make him realize the consequences for his actions.  Lucky for us, we are not of this world.  We are part of God’s kingdom.  A kingdom build on love and grace.  & Every moment with these children has been a reminder of how faithful God is even in our world of unfaithfulness.  I count myself so blessed that I was a part of this summer.  It was an experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  Please join me in praying for the chidlren that were a part of KSA this summer.  Some of them accepted Christ, and all of them were exposed to the love of Jesus.  Please pray that this summer will make an impact on their lives & that they will continue to know the unconditional love that their heavenly Father has for them.


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