Day 56 [A much needed update]

Okay, clearly I am awful at blogging.  Sooooo much has happened in my life since my last blog so I’m going to attempt to highlight some fun stuff with the guidance of photos!

I got season tickets this year!  It has been great to spend football Saturday with friends watching the sport that I love OH SO MUCH!  However, it is getting cold in the stadium! so I’ve been wearing pants under the dress & sooo many layers I feel like I can’t put my arms down.  I believe that this was actually for the MSU vs U of M game.  It was a blast!  & what a sweet, sweet victory for my school.  In this picture, I was merely trying to be a creep.  my dear friend jeremy is on the ground with his hood up & my friend Ben is standing on the left.  At this point, we had been sitting in line for hours & I was just trying to entertain myself.  Football is a huge love of mine.  The last game is this Saturday & my family will be here for it!  I’m very excited.

This is most of my staff team in Hubbard! One of the staff teams put on a really great event called Hubb-coming on homecoming weekend. It was a dance for the building & went so well.  This was after cleanup.  I like this picture for multiple reasons.  One of them is how silly staff is.  But also because some people in this picture aren’t even in the staff team that threw the event.   & they are just staff members that stuck around to help with it.  I think it shows unity in our staff.  Everyone is a team player & it’s really great.  Another great thing about my staff team has been the support they have shown during The One Dress Project.  A few of them have let me borrow some accessories to spice up my outfits.  & others have constantly given me encouraging words.  They are such a joy in my life & they are a huge part of the reason I feel like I have the best job in the world.

Halloween.  I was a “hot mess.”  No one got it except a few of the guys who like basketball, but it made me laugh, so I would say my outfit was a success. You can see my dress is on under the Miami Heat T-shirt.  This picture was at Campus Crusade for Christ’s halloween dance.  & these wonderful people are the members of the Akers Bible Study.  I lived in Akers for 2 and a half years before getting a job as a mentor, so I consider these people family.  & I must say, I love them like family.  We are a crazy group that just loves to have fun with one another.  I would say we shine at dances.  We do this thing called the “Akers crump.”  Basically, we dance really low key until the refrain of a song & then we explode & flail our bodies all around.  People stop what they are doing. They stare at us.  They talk about us.  & yet none of us care at all.  We just have so much fun with one another & we don’t care how crazy other people think we are.  Akers has been a huge source of encouragement, not only in The One Dress Project, but in my walk with the Lord in general.  I came to know the Lord because of these people.  & I have grown in my relationship with Jesus alongside these people.  I was fortunate enough to lead some of these women in a Bible Study before moving buildings for the mentor position.  & others, I have just gotten to know this year.  But all in all, these are some of the most beautiful people I have ever known.  & they are such a blessing in my life.

Another event that happened in our building was “Rent-A-Puppy!”  One of the substaffs put on an event partnered with the a local animal shelter where students could pay a price to come play with a puppy or a kitten.  All of the money went directly to the shelter.  It was a complete success!  I’m not sure how much money they collected, but I would say it had to have been substantial.  The girl to the left is a resident of Hubbard.  The pup is Rocket.  She was 3 years old & a pretty chill dog.  She was kind of nervous about the whole event so she was more of a cuddler than a play dog.  Then that’s me in the middle [in the dress] and on the left is one of my co-workers Kayla!  She is a delight. Her laugh is contagious.

This is my favorite part of the update!  Last week we had our first snow!!!  When I left the building for errands earlier that day, it was warm.  Hence the lack of coat & Toms on my feet.  But then a straight up blizzard hit.  As I was walking back from the lot that I park my car in, I found Kenn, a co-worker, with some of his residents enjoying the snow outside of the building.  We took a picture.  Our hands are making an S for South Hubbard, the building we are mentors in.  It was so amazing!!! For those of you that don’t know, I take so much joy in winter.  I know some people hate it & it drives them crazy, but I am not that kind of person.  I love getting bundled up & going for cold walks.  I love snuggling up in bed to watch a movie before bed.  I love sitting on my window sill to read with my view being snow covered scenery.  I love playing in the snow!  & walking in the snow!  & watching it sparkle!  It’s my absolute favorite & I praise the Lord for creating it.  He created all seasons & I cherish them so much.

So, what happens from here?  Well, this week is a big week.  Tomorrow night I am going to Albion College to speak at an Sex Trafficking Awareness Event.  My dear friend, Nora, has joined in on The One Dress Project with some of her friends & they have put together this wonderful event to raise awareness on their campus.  I am so excited to adventure down there with my wonderful friend Lauren.

THEN on Thursday, it is my celebration of my victory over the womb 21 years ago!!!!  Woot Woot!!! Can’t contain me.

Friday is Silver Bells in the City, which is the lighting of the tree at the State Capitol!  This is the first year I am actually able to go & I am so very excited about it.  I love Christmas & all activities involved.

& Then on Saturday my family will be here for the football game & to celebrate mine, my dad’s, and my sister’s birthdays!!!

I can’t contain my joy right now.  I feel like the reason I haven’t written a lot lately is because I’ve been so busy living out all the blessings that have been poured down on me, & I can’t really be upset about that.  I love God.  He is so good.  Just taking a look at my life reminds me of that.


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