Day 142 [Eyes of Judgement & Lips of a Duck]

Today I realized just how grateful I am for the dirty looks I get.  I have been wearing my grey dress for 142 days, & unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to explain the project to everyone who takes a look at me.  So, naturally, there are some people that see me on a regular basis that probably just think I am dirty.  Maybe some people contain it, but I must say, a lot of people must not know how to control their facial expressions because I get a little bit of this.  

a little bit of this.  & a whoooollllleeee lot of this.

That’s right.  The worst combo.  Eyes of judgement & lips of a duck.

These looks come from strangers, which I expected.  What I didn’t expect, however, was the ocaisional look from someone close to me.  Sometimes they don’t like my outfit & just can’t hold it in, some people are kind of sick of hearing me talk about it.   I don’t hold it against them, or anything.  Like I said, today I came to a realization of how much I want to shout out thanks to every person who gives me the stink eye.  Every time I get a dirty look, it reminds me of the daughters.  It gets me to think about those women & children that I am doing this for.

Daughters, You are all too familiar with dirty looks, aren’t you?  From people who are disgusted by your filth and don’t actually know your story?  From people who think you got yourself into this mess?  From women who feel like you are taking their husbands from them?  From people too caught up in their lives to realize the heart break in yours?  I hate that I can’t even start to relate with you women and children.  I will never know what you’re experiencing.  What I do know, however, is how much I desire your freedom.

To join me in the fight to free the daughters, consider donating to an organization that helps children recover when they escape the industry.


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