Day 192 [Isolation]

One of my wonderful friends speaks often of the book of Ruth & how she runs to it for encouragement.  I’ve never felt as strong of a connection to it, so I thought I would start a series titled Redeeming Ruth that Mark Driscoll preached at his church, Mars Hill, to take a deeper look on the book.

Whenever I read this chapter before, I was always envious of Ruth’s blind faith to follow a God that is new to her.  Pastor Driscoll’s sermon definitely talked about that a lot.  What was new to me, however, was the emphasis he placed on Naomi.  In my head, I always saw Naomi as important but I guess I overlooked her while trying to connect with the character of Ruth on a deeper level.

After reading just the first chapter, however, I’ve realized that I do, in fact, desire the blind faith of Ruth but I just as much want to possess the blunt vulnerability of Naomi.  Naomi was not afraid of what the women around her thought when she stated that she felt bitter.  She was not concerned about people talking about her straying from the Lord.  No, she felt this way & she finally made her way back to a body of God’s people & wanted to let them know what she was going through.  She was looking for encouragement, accountability, anything.

I wish it was that simple for me.  Even in those moments where I need to cry out for support from those around me, I am sometimes too concerned with keeping up the image of the one that has it all together.  How embarrassing would it be to let people know that deep down I’m actually hurt & confused by things going on in life? That I don’t actually have it all together?  What a concept.  No no no.  Instead, I isolate myself so that only I know just how messy I am.

But I just don’t think I want to live in isolation anymore.  I want to connect with people on a regular basis.  I want to know someone’s life & for them to know mine.  I do this in bits & pieces but I know that I really hold back on a lot of details. I don’t want to stress about it anymore, though.  How wonderful would it be to not filter my conversation? To not constantly be concerned that someone one might find out that I don’t have it all together. I just want to remember to live alongside other people.

&, per usual, here are a couple of pictures in the Dress.  They are actually both taken on different occasions in Detroit, the city that I am in love with.

This picture is me with 3 of my dearest friends Taylor, Meg, and Kayla at a Young The Giant concert at the Majestic!  We had so much fun that night!  It was a senior year adventure I will never forget.

Here I am with some wonderful, beautiful, Godly women who sacrificed a weekend to go down to the church I interned at this summer in Detroit & serve the homeless there.  This is us in Greek Town for dinner.  =]


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