My Favorite Store

I have found my new favorite store. has completely blown my mind.  This site has it all.  It is a plus size division of The Limited and it offers what I know a lot of us plus size women have longed for all along, an opportunity to wear trendy clothes, despite our size.  Let’s face it – sometimes plus size clothing just isn’t as cute as things that are offered in smaller sizes.  But we don’t have to envy the smaller sizes’ selections any more, my friends.

I would have to say that one of my favorite parts of this online store is Shape My Style.   For women out there that are not exactly proportionate all over, like me, this helps you to get an idea of what trends you can pull off, and which ones might not look the best on you.  To start, I would suggest taking your measurements of your bust, waist, and hips.  It doesn’t have to be super accurate, but it just helps you get a gist of your proportions.  After this, the site tells you what your body shape is and then you can shop for clothes that would be flattering for your specific shape.

I got two dresses from Eloquii to start.  The first one is a dress that I wore to my friend’s wedding.  Disclaimer: This is not me, nor is this my picture.  This is from Eloquii’s site, but I like to think I looked this good in the dress.  Hehe.  

This dress was exactly what I wanted.  It was classy and it was comfortable.  I opted to use a black belt to pull the dress in tighter on my waist and I think that made it even more fabulous.  I will say this, though:  if you are looking at getting this dress, carefully read the reviews from people who have already purchased it.  I ignored reviews and should have realized this dress seems to run a little big.  Because of this, it was a little big on me.  But I still love it.

The second dress I got was more colorful.

This dress has been great too!  I found that the waist line was flattering on my shape, as promised.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the borders on the arms, neckline, and hem are navy blue, not black!  It gave me an opportunity to pair it with some nude pumps when I wore it to work.  It wore nice, professionally and it also was flattering on my arms, without making it seem like I was trying to hide them.  My only caution about this dress is, if you are someone who doesn’t like to show your arms a lot, you might want to consider that there are slits in the arms that are not necessarily visible in the pictures.

If you’re looking at Eloquii and overwhelmed by the prices, don’t be!  I had been eyeing the beige dress for a whole month before I got the guts to buy it and when I did, not only was it on sale, but the store had another sale going that allowed me to take and additional 30% off of dresses and skirts so I got the dress for less than 50% of it’s original price!  It might take some patience, but is still a completely sensible choice for someone living on a budget.


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