Why A Strict Budget Improves My Wardrobe [Part 3]

There is a Part 1 and Part 2 to this post.  Read if you desire.  Now for the third and final reason that I think my budgeting has lead to a better selection of clothes.

3. You’re motivated to take better care of your clothes. 

            Before I lived on a budget, I wouldn’t say I was careless with my clothing, but I wouldn’t say I was really too careful with it either.  Now, I am trying to work hard to keep my clothes nice so not only do they last longer for me, but when I am over that really cute shirt that is still in good shape because I took such good care of it, I can try to sell it at a resale shop!

            Not only does selling my clothes at a resale shop (one of my favorites being Plato’s Closet) give me extra money for my clothing budget, but buying and selling clothes at resale shops is a small way to live a green lifestyle.  No new clothes being manufactured, no waste being produced.

            I will say this, however, when you are going to go thrift shopping, go when you have a lot of time.  Sometimes when you are at a thrift store you are really looking for the diamond in the rough and it takes you looking through every piece of clothing to find a good buy.  My dear friend, Kayla is a master at this.  Other times you don’t get anything.  But take a couple of girlfriends with you and it will be a good time.  I just started thrifting my last semester in college and now some of my favorite items in my closet are things I got second-hand.

            But back to my original point, since I know how hard I work for the money to buy my clothes, I don’t mind sending my dresses to the dry cleaners instead of just throwing them into the machine like I used to.

So…there you have it.  3 solid reasons why I am a huge advocate for budgeting.  It can affect so many areas of your life in a positive way – EVEN fashion.


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