So…it’s been a while. (2 months) andddddd I’m back!  What’s new in my life? Well, we moved.  It turns out that packing up 15 years of your family’s life and moving it into a new place is quittteeee the production.  However, our new house is really cool and my room is gorgeous and I can’t wait to share it alllllll with you folks later.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting going on planning for my fall purchases.  Today I went out and got the September issues of my favorite 3 magazines ( in no specific order: In Style, Glamour, and Elle) and sat on the back patio flipping pages and circling away.   September Issues are my favorite because they release all the fall fashions and fall is my FAVORITE season, for 2 reasons.  FASHION AND FOOTBALL My system is simple.  I have 3 markers.  A red, orange, and blue.  Red is for the looks that I absolutely love and want to own.  Orange is for the ones that I like and would possibly consider if I can make some modifications to it.  And the blue marker is used when I see something I love and want to remember for someone else, but have no intention of ever wearing it myself.

As time goes on, hopefully I will share the process of making the looks that I circle with the red markers mine by not only making adjustments to make them more flattering to a curvy figure, but also finding the components a lot less expensive. Because I don’t know where you are at in life, but I’m in no position to dish out $700 for a skirt, no matter how beautiful it is.

I don’t care if technically it’s still summer.  In my mind, Fall has arrived.


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