My Story of Writing Off a Pencil Skirt [Pun Fully Intended]

I really enjoy pencil skirts in a professional setting.  A LOT.  But, with my short and stout legs I have always been concerned that a pencil skirt will hit me in all the wrong places and the outcome would be less than desired.  After lots of trial and error, however, I have found that finding a flattering and professional pencil skirt is not impossible, but it is an art.

First of all, forget the short ones that are made of spandex.  I cannot be the judge of if that miniskirt is flattering or not for you but I think it’s safe to say it might not be the most professional. (That’s me trying to delicately say that spandex is not professional and you should move on to your next option.)

Secondly, depending on your proportion, you might want to rethink the ones that go past your knee.  Personally, I am proportioned awkwardly.  My Torso is longer than my legs and when you look at the bottom half of my body, below the knee is wayyyy shorter than above.  (I’m weird looking, but I think some find it endearing)  With my shape, I have found that knee length pencil skirts are my best bet.  They aren’t too short but they aren’t so long that it looks like I have no legs left.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be bold.  Some of the cutest pencil skirts I have seen are bright, bold colors, there are also colorblock pencil skirts, and my favorite, patterned.  If you choose one of these, you can easily match it with a black or white blouse you already have in your closet.  That way you can make an entire new outfit but only have to buy 1 piece.

When it came down to it, I bought a plain black pencil skirt from  It was overstock so I got a discount on it.  But what I’m really pining over is a bright yellow pencil skirt from  (My Favorite Store)  Ahhhh!  So pretty.


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