An Interesting Experience

Back in the end of April, I decided to try a new website I found that had plus size dresses. I figured I could get one for graduation.  At first glance, I fell in love with the site. claims to be an online store that offers “customizable” clothing.  What they mean by this is if you choose a dress that you like you can change the sleeves, neckline, or length of the dress to make it more flattering or suitable to your style.  It’s pretty awesome!

However, I got even more excited when I saw thay they have an Overstock link on the site that takes you to clothing that I can only guess was customized, and returned by others.  Everything in the Overstock section is 40% off!  I ended up getting 2 dresses and 2 skirts.  I also got an additional discount from joining their email list.

So, I picked out the dresses and skirts I liked, I ordered them, and this is where things got a little complicated.  I was told that the clothes would come in approximately 7 days.  That was going to be in plenty of time for graduation.  This did not happen.  I ended up calling the company on the 12th day and asking about the status of my order.  A nice customer service representative told me that my order hadn’t even been packed yet but she would put a note on my order to rush it and I would get an email confirmation when they sent the clothing.  Five days later – no email.  So I called again and talked to another really friendly representative.  She assured me that my clothes have been sent to me and she apologized that the email wasn’t sent to me letting me know.

4 more days later the clothes arrived!  As stressful as the process of getting them was, I really did love them when I got them. and last month Eshakti sent me gift certificates as an apology because of the mistakes on my order.  (5 months later?) But nevertheless, I did not end up using them because they had a qualifying amount that needed to be spent and I didn’t want to spend that amount last month.  But thanks for the effort, Eshakti.

Now for what I got, I actually got the same dress in black and in white because I wanted the black for weddings and the white for graduation (which I ended up having to get a different dress for) and I really like how it fits.  The thick belt is flattering for a bigger figure because it brings attention to the thinner part of your waist and is flattering in the back as well.  It’s a good go to dress because it can be dressed up or down.  I can easily throw on a cardigan and flats and be ready for a day of fun or a blazer, some gold jewelry and some pumps and go to work.

I also got a bold patterned skirt that is one of my favorite pieces of my wardrobe.  I got mine to fit high waisted so I can loosely tuck in a shirt with it. My only warning is that there is a slit that begins where the last button ends in the front and I have had to reinforce the seam once already.


Soooo…In conclusion.  I think I would order from eShakti again – especially from Overstock.  I will say, however, I will never order anything that I need for a specific event unless it’s like a whole month or more away, just to be safe.


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