Grey Is My Color



There is a new Grey Dress in my life.  But this time it is about something totally different.  In case you missed what the last Grey Dress was all about, you can check it out here.

This Grey Dress, however, represents a new goal for me.  A goal to finally finish what I start.  I did it once, with the One Dress Project, and now it’s time to finish something for myself.  For once.


In case you don’t know me, let me tell you, I am the QUEEN of big ideas.  But when it comes to some of them, like finally getting my health in check, there is little delivery.  But it’s become so much more than a displeasing number on a scale for me.  If we are going to be honest, I’m not a girl that really struggles with my self esteem on account of being over weight.  I think that’s because I truly believe that my identity lays in the fact that I am a Daughter of God, not a dress size.  With that said, it has been clear to me that my weight has more of an affect than the number I see.  I’ve been struggling with exhaustion, sore knees, and other little problems that I shouldn’t be having at age 22.  And it is clear to me that the weight is the cause. So, here we go.  Maybe having some accountability through blogging will help keep me accountable.

So…here’s the deal.  This dress is for one of my dearest friend’s weddings.  It’s the dress I would like to wear as her MOH. However, it is not my size.  It is significantly smaller than my size now.  I have until June to get into this dress.

Let me be clear – it’s not about one event or one dress for me.  This is about doing something that I’ve been trying to do since I was 12.  But unlike the past 10 years, I’m not going to do some fad diet program or some crazy detox.  I’m finally doing things the old fashion way.  Counting some cals and spending some time in the gym.

Have you been struggling with your weight?  Or are you tired all the time?  Do you know that you could be living healthier than you have been?  Well, 2013 is your year.  I can feel it.  Let’s do this.


2 thoughts on “Grey Is My Color

  1. Love it! WOO WOO!! Wish we could be gym buddies, that would be fun. I’ll think of you while I’m at the gym. And I’ll pray for you 🙂

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