Progress. Slowwww Progress.


At the very beginning of my journey, i made two jars to give me a little motivation.  As you can see, the first one represents how many pounds I would like to lose and the second represents how many pounds I have lost thus far.  I really think this has helped a huge amount.  It is very encouraging to be able to put a ball into the pounds defeated jar & extremely humbling to have to slowly and regretfully toss a ball back into the pounds to lose jar.

For the past few weeks, there has been no movement in these jars.  Which is a bittersweet fact.  I like that I haven’t had to reverse any of my progress, but I know full well that I’ve been pretty stagnant in my journey to be the healthiest me I can be.

But honestly, for anyone who is looking for a little bit of motivation, I would recommend this method.  It was inexpensive and it is something that has given me so much encouragement and affirmation that I truly am getting somewhere.  Since I have it on my dresser in my bedroom, I’ve found it to be the extra push I need to change into my gym clothes and go work out.  Not to mention, if you pick the right colors, it can add a nice accent to your room decor. 😉

So, hopefully with the help of my Jump Start Plan, I can get those little guys moving in the right direction.

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