Sometimes I am convinced my life should be a sitcom.  I think it would be an enjoyable comedy for all of the viewers.  My days seem to be made up of awkward scenarios and goofy scenes combined to make one blessed life.  I aspire to be & do so much, & I can’t help but laugh each time I fall short.  This blog is not one of those neat blogs devoted to just cooking or just fashion.  This blog represents my life: a whole lot of mess that comes together to make something that you might not know what to make of it.  I’m okay with that.

I am a woman that has been completely changed but is still growing in many ways. I strive to love a little better, to laugh a littler harder, to be a little nicer, to help others a little more often, but more importantly, to run after my King a little faster.

In the past few years, while away from my blog, I have been blessed to buy a home, marry a man that exceeded all of my expectations, become a fur-mom, and now become pregnant with our first babe.  We don’t quite know what to expect in this future we have, but I’m excited to share it with my husband, & with all of you.

Welcome to the chaos.

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