a monumental day.

Yesterday was a day that will go down in history.  In fact, it’s past midnight, & it was just a little more than an hour ago when President Obama addressed the nation confirming that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by a secret-op mission.  Of course, I was delighted at the news!  My first instinct was to tap into my bank of never-ending sarcasm to make some sort of joke out of the death of this man.

But then, I found myself wondering “Where is God in all of this? What kind of reaction to this situation will be one that pleases Him?”  In the depths of my heart, I think I know where God stands.  Jesus taught his disciples to love their enemies.  Now, of course I’m not saying that if Bin Laden was still alive I would go to the mall with him & cuddle up to watch a movie.  However, hate is a deep dark feeling, that I am not entitled to have for this man, or anyone, for that matter. Rather, I am called to be saddened that this man lived his life not knowing Christ.  & because He didn’t, He couldn’t live the life that he was actually created to live.  He did evil things because he served an evil master & knew nothing else but evil.

I am fully aware that many people will probably read this entry & say to themselves “What an anti-patriotic idiot!”  You might even question if I loved all those people that Bin Laden killed & hurt in the September 11th attacks.  & the answer to that is of course I love those people!  My heart is broken for them & for their families.  & I’m not going to make the bold claim that I’m void of any negative feelings towards this man who’s life ended today.  I am bitter towards him, & I definitely wouldn’t consider him to ever be a potential homeboy.  But as I sit here, I have to ask myself, “Are you going to conform to the world today, or are you going to finally step up as the Woman of God you were meant to be?”  What’s my next move?