Why A Strict Budget Improves My Wardrobe [Part 1]

            I have always been somewhat responsible with my spending.  I would say, though, that I am one to indulge myself in an impulsive buy more times than not.  [By this casual statement, what I really mean to say is I am a completely impulsive person that once tried to driver herself to class and somehow ended up at the mall without even knowing when I made the decision to skip class and go shopping.] However, now that I am working full time and have more of a disposable income, I have found it super important to be a good steward of my money.  Knowing myself, and my love for shopping, I realized that the only way for me to succeed at being responsible with my money was to create a budget and vow to stick to it.

            I budget using the following categories: tithing, housing, transportation, food, miscellaneous, clothing, medical, recreation & entertainment, utilities, and savings.  And with the transportation, food, clothing, & recreation & entertainment categories, I use a cash budgeting system.  In case you haven’t heard of it, this means that I have an envelope for each category with the allotted amount of cash.  Once the cash is gone, I am done spending in that category until my next paycheck.

            Now, let me begin with saying that I don’t have a very large budget and because of where I am in life, I have found it important to really prioritize things like tithing and saving over giving myself a super generous budget for clothing.   Because of this, I only give myself $15 each week to spend on clothing.  I have found, however, that this was the best decision I could have made for myself and there are a few reasons why.  For times sake on my behalf, and the behalf of any readers out there, I’m only going to post about 1 reason at a time.

1. When you have less to spend, you make sure you really love something before you invest in it. 

Being a plus size woman, I have always had a harder time finding things that fit.  Because of this, I think I might have formed some kind of complex that made me feel like whenever I found something that physically fit around my body, I would purchase it even if it wasn’t the most flattering or if it wasn’t practical for me to wear more than once or even if I didn’t really like it.  I guess I kind of felt like finding something to fit was such a rare opportunity that didn’t want to pass it by.

On a side note, regardless of your income and budget size, if you are in this mindset, I would encourage you to break it.  It actually creates a wasteful attitude, and even though some people might argue that wasting clothing isn’t that important in the grand scheme of life, I would like to oppose that argument and say that even the smallest wasteful attitude can easily transfer into other sectors of your life and unused clothing and groceries can really add up in monetary value over a year.

             There are so many new options out there for women of all sizes to find trendy clothes that fit them well, so regardless of your shape, you don’t have to settle for just whatever fits you.  And living on a strict budget helps in that because if you have less money to spend, you’re going to want to spend it well.