the end…of the semester.

If we are going to be real right now, I am really frustrated with studying.  I feel like it’s all I’ve done for the past 3 weeks & I’m ready to be done.   All I want to do is read my Bible.  After Friday, I won’t be responsible for reading any other books!  I can finally sit down and read for however long I want.  I won’t have to worry about being a good steward & making studying a priority.  I have almost 4 months to fully focus all of my attention on the Lord.  Ahhh, I can’t wait.

As I think about summer, I get really excited.  I am spending my summer at home.  & I have never felt more confident that this is precisely what the Lord was calling me to do.  I know that at first I was feeling like I wasn’t doing the right thing because I wasn’t going on a Summer Project, but if we are going to be honest, that was completely out of my tendency to people please.  But as I get closer to the summer, & more of my plans become finalized, I AM SO STOKED!  I will be using my God-given passion for business & family to work at my family’s business this summer.  I will be serving in Detroit, some way or the other.  & I will be getting involved in my new church!  More importantly than all that, I will really be spending a lot of time pursuing the Lord.

My only anxiety for the summer is not knowing if I have for sure landed the internship with the church that I hope to work with in Detroit.  It is something I really desire.  However, I feel like the Lord has calmed me over the past couple of weeks by showing me that even if I don’t get the internship, there are ways I can be in ministry in Detroit.  We will see how it goes….=].

Gahhh!  7 more days until I move home!  I’m trying to remain content with where I am right now but gee golly is it difficult right now!