game time.

For by him all things were created; things in heaven & on earth, visible & invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; ALL THINGS WERE CREATED BY HIM & FOR HIM. [Colossians 1:16]

It’s time to get real.  I am not just a body that walks around going through the motions of life.  This body houses a soul & a Spirit.  Neither of which were created to glorify myself, but to Glorify God.  & I need this body to be healthy. It would be a shame if some day God calls me to do something that would bring Him glory, & I’m not healthy enough to do it.

Today I started a program called Bod4God.  I have tried Bod4God once before.  & honestly, I did it halfheartedly & with the wrong motivations.  This time, however, I really think the only thing that is going to get me through it will be a lot of prayer & strength from the Lord.  Looking at my track record of failed diets & lack of motivation, I am certainly not going to be the one that accomplishes anything as far as getting healthy.  To clarify right at the start, my main focus will not be my weight in pounds.  In my past, concentrating on a number has only brought frustration & feelings of inadequacy.  Instead, my goal is to focus on health.  Better energy levels, more fit…just more healthy.

Now, I really contemplated whether I was going to blog about Bod4God.  For one thing, it’s pretty personal.  & although I enjoy blogging, I don’t think that it’s a place to put your entire life.  Secondly, if I don’t succeed, people could see me as an idiot. ” I could be seen as weak in someone else’s eyes.  I would be so embarassed if I couldn’t follow through. ” That’s definitely a thought that has raced through my head more than once.  However, God spoke truth to me in that & reminded me that my worth does not come from the judgement of men.  If someone on earth sees me as weak, that should not affect me because the truth is that I have an amazing strength in the Lord.  If someone sees me as a failure, I will not be phased because when God looks at me, He sees me as a broken but beautiful daughter of His, worth the life of His son.

So, obviously, I decided to blog about my Bod4God journey.  I had 2 hopes in deciding to do this.  #1: Accountability.  I know that I have some amazing friends that read my blog that will be involved in this journey with me.  I know that they will be supportive & send me encouragement, & blogging will be a great way to communicate about this process with them.  #2. Encouragement to others.  As crazy as it sounds, I know that I am not the only unhealthy person in this world.   & when I pray about this process I am about to begin, I have also prayed that God will use it to encourage someone that needs encouragement.  To give them motivation.  To give them a friend.  To help them figure out where He stands in all of this health stuff.

Here we go….