Day 24 [The Candy Shop]

I watched this video this morning & it was intense.  It’s a “fairytale” about human trafficking. If you have a spare half an hour, sit down & watch it.  It could be a step to start caring about the world more than our to-do-lists.

Day 23 [A Very Visual Update]

 On day 11 my sister and nephews ventured up to Michigan State for a visit!  I thought tucking the dress in as a shirt was more suitable for the adventure we were about to embark in.  Can we just acknowledge how adorable they are?!?!
Moving forward to days 18-20, the dress and I went on fall retreat.  I had a wonderful God-centered weekend.  But roughing it proved to be pretty difficult.  By the end of the weekend the dress was in desperate need of a washing.

Day 17!!!


So many people I have talked to wanted to know my mindset going into The One Dress Project.  When I first started thinking about doing the project, I immediately started praying about it.  Eventually, I felt like I was being given more and more of a desire to take action.  My next step was talking to those around me.  That came with mixed reactions.  Some of my loved ones were really excited about the idea of this.  & others had some concerns.  Some still have concerns.  Please take comfort in the fact that I wrestled with all of those same concerns:

People are going to think I am a weirdo.  When faced with this concern, it just came down to asking myself  “Am I really going to let what people might think of me hold me back from doing things I am passionate about for the rest of my life?  What would be the right way to raise my self-esteem?  By making lots of so-called friends that wouldn’t accept my quirky personality and support my crazy adventures?  Or doing something to fight a terrible injustice?”

 This is my senior year!  Is this really the way I want to be remembered by my classmates?  This is my senior year!  This is the perfect season in my life to do this!  I don’t have a job that I need to look “professional” for everyday.  As a matter of fact, I have a job that encourages stepping out and doing something to make some sort of difference.  I have my youth on my side.  If someone thinks I’m a weirdo, chances are I won’t see them after graduation anyway!  & what a way to finish off a college career that looks nothing like I thought it would when I started it 4 years ago.  By doing something that I never would have imagined doing. 

What man will want to date a girl who is wearing the same dress all the time?  I debated including this in my entry, but this was honestly one of the most common & most urgent concerns of quite a few people.  I am a quirky, weird person.  If a man wants to date me, he is going to have to get used to it.  & if a man cannot respect me for doing something that I think is truly fighting for justice for a people group that needs advocates to fight for them, then  I don’t think he’s the man for me anyway!  I want my man to have a heart for justice & a spine to act on it!

Won’t I get smelly? Let’s clear something up right now, my friends.  The dress gets washed.  The dress gets washed often.  Also, I DO NOT SLEEP OR WORK OUT IN THE DRESS!   I sleep in pajamas & I work out in work out clothes.  

Won’t the dress get beat up? Yes.  It will.  Lucky for me, I live with the Spartan Seamstress.  & when talking about this concern with one of my beautiful sisters in Christ [who took part in The One Dress Project last year,] she reminded me that some of these women and children in the trafficking industry probably only have 1 dress.  Their dress is probably tattered and torn too & mine will not even compare to the pain that their dress has been through.

What will I get out of this?   This is a very real question.  I definitely have a lot of personal goals & ways I hope to grow throughout the journey of The One Dress Project.  Of course, I have my personal financial goal that I would like to reach in donations the The Daughter Project. But in addition to that, I’m hoping that the Lord teaches me follow through and self discipline in the next 6 months.  Let’s face it, I’ve made a very public commitment, & there is no backing out now.  I also hope that the Lord reveals to me any places I may be dangerously be placing my worth.  Maybe I find my worth in what people think of me.  Maybe I find it in the world’s image of “beauty.”  Maybe I’m not even sure of my worth.  Do I know the true source of beauty? Who knows?  I sure don’t…..yet, but I’m sure I will get to a point of exposure at some point in this journey.

Let’s me real, people.  I am just about at awful as taking pictures of my outfits as I am at blogging on a regular basis.  These are a few of the outfits I’ve had along this journey so far! Also, today was the day that I took the step of faith & made a bulletin board for my floor formally informing my residents of The One Dress Project.  I’m not going to lie, I have anxiety over it.  But I know that Abba will comfort me in this time, & protect me from any harm.  He’s REAL good at that!

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An Acceptable Day 1 Entry

On account of my 8:30am class being cancelled, I now have time to blog a respectable entry about the start of this journey that I am beginning.

Tuesday, September 20 was Day 1 of my One Dress journey.  I will be wearing the same darling gray dress everyday until Easter Sunday.  Why would one do such a thing?  It’s funny that you ask because I asked the same question last December when I met a woman that was doing exactly this.  Amy Seiffert started a 6 month journey of wearing the same dress to both raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking and funds for an organization called The Daughter Project who labors to help girls who have been freed from this industry recover.  After hearing about her cause, I was intrigued to say the least.  I knew that trafficking was an issue but I don’t think it was ever real to me.  As I thought about her cause, I remembered the speaker at a retreat I attended in Fall 2010 & how he talked about the work he did freeing women and children from brothels in India.  & it wasn’t long after hearing Amy speaking that I heard about my home church’s partnership with Cambodia & what a problem human trafficking is there.  But I would say that the thing that made it the most real to me was living in the city this summer.  Every once in a while, I would observe something that would remind me that just because we live in America, does not mean that this crisis isn’t relevant to us.  When I came across this fact, it hit me pretty hard:

The FBI estimates that over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from nine to 19, with the average being age 11. Many victims are not just runaways or abandoned, but are from “good” families who are coerced by clever traffickers.

[Fact taken from: 55 Little Known Facts about Human Trafficking]

I have started backing this cause long ago.  I have been praying for God’s children that are bound by this industry for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I felt asked to do more.  That is where the One Dress comes in.  Amy’s efforts raised so much awareness of this problem & I know that The Daughter Project saw funds come in from that, but I also know that from Amy’s efforts also resulted in so much passion and prayer.  If my journey can make 50 people aware of the human trafficking industry & it’s harm, I will find my journey worth while.  If 10 hearts could be broken enough to get on their knees and pray, it will be worth while.  If a spark of passion could be sparked in 1 person to take action, it will be worth while.  & if those quota’s are not met, I’m confident that this is absolutely still worth while.

I invite you to check out The Daughter Project‘s website.  I also invite you to pray and consider getting involved in this battle by donating to their cause.  If you would like to give me cash or check, I will collect it & be making donations to The Daughter Project along the way.  Or You can donate on TDP’s website!   I also ask that if you do donate to TDP, that you would let me know how much you donated so I can keep track & see how close I get to my own personal goal that I have set.

I’ll close by letting you see Day 1’s outfit.  I kept it pretty simple.